Update: Gonzales forever immortalized as musician with the longest attention span. Well, that is until someone else feels like spending 28 hours straight performing

He shoots…he scores!

Per the Ottawan Citizen:

Canadian musician and producer Gonzales broke the world record for the longest-ever solo concert Monday, successfully playing piano for 27 hours, three minutes and 44 seconds. The 37-year-old Gonzales claimed the title from Guinness record-holder Prasanna Gudi of India, who had played raga for 26 hours and 12 minutes in December.

Makes you feel good about yourself, eh?

For his record-breaking concert, Gonzales performed 300 pieces, including works from Gershwin, Beethoven, Britney Spears, and Feist:

Relive all 27+ hours at ustream.tv.


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