Here’s a shock! Lil Wayne’s Rebirth delayed again!

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    The release of Lil Wayne‘s upcoming rock masterpiece (please note the sarcasm), Rebirth, has again been delayed, marking the 173rd you’ll heart will be broken over the sad reality that the day of hearing mastered versions of “Prom Queen”, “Fix My Hat”, and all else that fills Rebirth will not be as originally planned.

    According to andPOP, “The latest delay is reportedly to give Universal Records more time to get permission for the samples used on the album, Lil Wayne’s seventh solo effort. Confirmed guest stars on ‘Rebirth’ include Avril Lavigne, Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham, Fall Out Boy and Lenny Kravitz.”

    The album is now set for release on July 21st.

    Update: Sorry dudes, but it turns out Avril Lavigne is not one of the “samples,” or guest stars holding up Rebirth.

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