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    It’s a strange feeling when you would vouch for someone’s success, but have no idea what they might end up doing. I would vouch for Alfredo Lapuz, Jr., but I have no idea in what form his success is going to materialize.

    It will probably be one of the following talents:

    1.) One of the most imaginative DJs out there.

    2.) A truly talented mash-up artist.

    3.) Keys/Keytar/Piano maestro.

    4.) Daft Punk/Pink Floyd tribute band.

    5.) Further projects (see below) …

    The weird thing is, for such a long time, Alfredo has been looking around him as others moved on and ‘made it’ in the music industry. Friends include Hank Sullivant of Kuroma (and The Whigs), and there were distant connections with MGMT and other bands. Lady luck had to visit him at one point, and it seems that now is that time.

    For the last few years he cut his teeth as a DJ. Based in Athens, Georgia, he performed under the moniker Immuzikation, trying out his latest inventions on the bored teens frequenting the club scene. Upon returning, the live creations would be cleaned up, mixed at 320 and then emailed out to a number of music blogs. With many emails, even one including the immortal line, “just put this together this morning,” you’re forgiven for thinking the work is sub par. However, there wasn’t anyone in the mash-up circles who could challenge Immuzikation in his prime.


    Things were looking promising – Kissy Sell Out and Annie Mac picked up ‘Fortisphere’, his genius re-work of Stronger and Planisphere, which remains the sweetest moment when Justice and Daft Punk came together on record, unofficially. The song that brought him to internet fame, “One More Time To Pretend” – a re hash of MGMT and Daft Punk – has received over 213 thousand views on Youtube to date, and masterfully combined two classic songs. He essentially laid waste to the competition.

    Who then, will be breathing  a sigh of relief, now that Alfredo has moved on to bigger things? He worked tirelessly for months with Stan Walker on Very Disco, a Daft Punk tribute, eventually selling out the largest venue in Athens, Georgia and attracting the interest of PR guys. A tour followed, and he has recently been on the road with MGMT and Kuroma, playing keys in the latter. In addition, let’s not forget Velveteen Pink, an extremely progressive pop group, in which lead singer Nicholas Robbins also plays drums. And the list goes on, from a Pink Floyd tribute band to a new hip-hop group called Collective Efforts.

    The question that always has me stumped: where next for Alfredo Lapuz, Jr.? I don’t know, but I think I kind of like that …

    Check Out:
    “Electric Feel” (Immuzikation Remix)
    “Easy Like ABC” (Immuzikation Blend)

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