Manic Street Preachers get a little help from their friends, aka they made a remix album!

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    Manic Street Preachers’ latest full-length effort, Journal for Plague Lovers has’t even been out a week yet, and the Welsh outfit has already begin work on another project. In the classic sense of art is an ever evolving form, the Manic Street Preachers have decided that there needs to be even more music for you to enjoy, and thus are readying the release of a new remix version of Journal for Plague Lovers.

    Pooling their resources together, the band has gathered a formidable lineup for this remix album. Highlights include remixes by Underworld (their first in a decade), British Sea Power, The Horrors, Patrick Wolf and Saint Etienne. All of these remixes were obviously handled with great care and the reason why the collaborators were chosen is pretty neat too.

    Cool little tidbit, Andrew Weatherall takes on “Peeled Apples” and his connection with the band dates way back to 1994 when he DJed two Astoria shows the Preachers did and were the last with Richey Edwards, he subsequently disappeared but was a crucial early member and was infamous for his NME interview when he carved “4 Real” into his arm.


    You can get your hands on the remix album June 15th.

    Journal For Plague Lovers Remixes Tracklist:
    01. Andrew Weatherall – “Peeled Apples”
    02. Saint Etienne – “Jackie Collins Existential Question Time”
    03. British Sea Power – “Me And Stephen Hawking”
    04. Patrick Wolf – “This Joke Sport Severed”
    05. Optimo (Espacio) – “Journal For Plague Lovers”
    06. The Pariahs – “She Bathed Herself In A Bath Of Bleach”
    07. Adem – “Facing Page Top Left”
    08. New Young Pony Club – “Marlon JD”
    09. The Horrors – “Doors Closing Slowly”
    10. Errors – “All Is Vanity”
    11. Four Tet – “Pretension/Repulsion”
    12. Fuck Buttons – “Virginia State Epileptic Colony”
    13. Underworld – “William’s Last Words”
    14. Jonathan Krisp – “Bag Lady”

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