Mark Mallman is an Invincible Criminal

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Later this summer, Minnesota based musician Mark Mallman will release his latest LP, Invincible Criminal. There are a number of reasons why you should care:

  • Mark Mallman is the world record holder or Longest Song Performed at a time of 52.4 hours. While nothing this long will be on his new album, it does contain 12 brand new tracks (see below).
  • The album will feature Craig Finn of The Hold Steady on the song “You’re Never Alone in New York”.
  • The album will feature Shannon Frid of Cloud Cult on the song “In These Times of Harsh Economy”.
  • Mark Mallman has a very badass description of the new album: “In the past three years, I’ve tasted death one too many times to let a minute slip through my fingers anymore. Don’t be confused, the Invincible Criminal isn’t me, it’s time.”

Invincible Criminal hits record stores this August. Mallman will support the release with a yet-to-be-announced North American tour.

Invincible Criminal Tracklist:
01. Eternal Moonshine
02. You’re Never Alone in New York (feat. Craig Finn)
03. Before the Music’s Over
04. White Leather Days
05. Dont Spill The Bottle
06. Mercy Calls
07. Light the Dynamite and Run
08. Can’t Count to One
09. Put Your Collar Up
10. In These Times of Harsh Economy (feat. Shannon Frid)
11. If We Only Kept Getting Young
12. Invincible Criminal