Vivian Girls gear up for failure…

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    There’s not much to say about Brooklyn’s Vivian Girls other than that they’ve had a busy last 12 months. Like playing with Sonic Youth, touring the country, releasing a debut album, and serving as South by Southwest 2009’s act-you-better-see-or-your-not-cool-enough-to-blog-anymore. But don’t think that means the trio will be slowing down in the coming months.

    On September 8th, the Vivian Girls will release what is already probably a pretty anticipated sophomore effort via In The Red Records. Entitled Everything Goes Wrong, the 13 track album is described to be the result of the band taking its time. “Last time, the album was really rushed,” guitarist Cassie Ramone noted to Pitchfork last March. “We were just go, go, go, go. And now we’re taking our time with every step of the process, making sure we’re really happy with everything before we move on.”

    In Vivian Girls world this means the bands used six days to complete the album, as opposed to the three it took for last year’s self-titled debut, an action which reportedly will result in a few differences. For one, Entitled Everything Goes Wrong is described as featuring songs both longer and moodier material. It will also certainly be longer. “We recorded 15 songs, but if we put them all on the album, that’ll be an hour’s worth of music, so we’re going to have to cut some of them out,” Ramone goes onto explain. “Our last album was like 22 minutes, so we figure if this album is longer than 44 minutes that’ll just be insane. It would be twice as long.”


    The band will support the release with a few dates this summer. Scroll down for all the necessary info.

    Everything Goes Wrong Tracklist:
    01. Walking Alone at Night
    02. I Have No Fun
    03. Can’t Get Over You
    04. Desert
    05. Tension
    06. Survival
    07. The End
    08. When I’m Gone
    09. Out for the Sun
    10. I’m Not Asleep
    11. Double Vision
    12. You’re My Guy
    13. Before I Start to Cry

    Vivian Girls 2009 Tour Dates:
    05/29 – Barcelona, ES @ Primavera Sound
    05/31 – Ravenna, IT @ Hana Bi
    06/01 – Milan, IT @ La Casa
    06/02 – St. Gallen, CH @ Palace
    06/03 – Schorndorf, DE @ Manufaktur
    06/05 – Vienna, AT @ Arena
    06/06 – Berlin, DE @ West Germany
    06/08 – Hamburg, DE @ Prinzenbar
    06/09 – Cologne, DE @ Tsunami
    06/10 – Nimegen, NL @ Merleyn
    07/04 – Brooklyn, NY @ Captured Tracks & Woodsist Fest
    07/09 – Mexico City, MX @ El Almacen
    07/16 – Toronto, ON @ Phoenix Theater
    07/19 – Chicago, IL @ Pitchfork Music Festival
    07/31 – New York, NY @ Whitney Museum
    08/14 – Goteberg, SE @ Way Out West Festival
    08/15 – Helsinki, FI @ Flow Festival


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