Watch: Blink-182 continues reliving the past on Leno

Monday night was “The Rock Show”. Last night was “All the Small Things”. Two nights, two songs, one giant eh of a response, and we’re not just talking about the fact we had to sit through Jay Leno for a hour.

Maybe it’s the sound (hardly), but the whole thing seems rather forced. Mark Hoppus will be forty in three years and Tom DeLonge is at the saintly age of 33. The two are too old for this stuff, and while that argument could be used against a handful of acts, Green Day included, a large part of it has to do with the context within Blink’s songs. The truth is, they were almost too old then (ten years ago) to be singing these songs, and now it’s just, well, kind of creepy. Also, and this is a big “also,” there’s absolutely no sense of chemistry on-stage, at least from these two performances.

Good thing we have Mr. Rivers “Top 40” Cuomo to look forward to…


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