Watch: Regina Spektor is “Laughing With”

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    There are many reasons why every one from yours truly to Perez Hilton gushes over anything and everything Regina Spektor. Sure, the looks probably have something to do with it. As do the mind-numbing hooks that seem to fill each and everyone of her songs. But ultimately, it’s those vibrant and image-laced words, sung in a such a subtle and beautiful way, that seals the deal. As the release of Ms. Spektor’s latest full-length effort, Far, becomes, well, less and less far way, we are again reminded of this fact.

    Take Far‘s recently released first single, “Laughing With”, and its newly unveiled music video for example. Beyond the song’s elegant melodies and the video’s coloring book scenery is a message. Is it Spektor’s examination of God’s validity and questioning of why many of us only believe in times of need? Or is it simply this talented singer/songwriter once again reminding us that joy can be found in even the most unpleasant of circumstances? Ultimately, this answer is left up to interpretation, but one thing is for sure, if this song is any indication, Spektor has created yet another album that will leave us both laughing and crying …

    … something I think it’s safe to say we can all get behind.

    [myspacetv 58073111]

    Far hits record shelves on June 23 via Sire Records.

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