Watch: The National debuts new material for new album!

You know how we know this summer is going to be awesome? Because The National, aka that stellar Brooklyn based quintet that leaves us all tingly inside so much so that we loose all sense of objectivity, is currently road testing new material. In layman’s terms, that new studio album we mentioned back in February is near!

Of the two numbers you’ll find below, both feature lots of emotionally vibrant lyricism and eclectic arrangements (there’s a shock!). Song #1, “Runaway”, taken from a studio session CBC’s Studio Q, is more on the melodic side of things (think “Gospel”), while song #2, “Blood Buzz Ohio” is one of those songs that will have you clapping along in sheer enjoyment (think “Lit Up”).

Stereogum has the mp3s for your listening pleasure. Whale in a Cubicle has a few others not mentioned above.

Pardon us while we now go back to coloring in our coloring books, waiting for Vintage Rifles (?) to see light of day.


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