Check Out: Ancient Astronauts – “Everybody” (CoS Premiere)

On June 9th, the German duo better known as Ancient Astronauts will unveil their much-anticipated debut LP, We are to Answer, via ESL Music. Kabanjak and Dogu describe their 13-track effort as a melting pot of pot of funk, dub reggae, and pure unadulterated hip-hop, the result of thousands of years of interstellar travel – note the name Ancient Astronauts. While the latter may be a stretch, the former certainly isn’t, and when combined with the vocal works of Bootie Brown and Imani of legendary hip hop group The Pharcyde, Azeem, Tippa Irie, Bajka, Phat Old Mamas, Ulf Stricker, and many other guests, “worth the wait” may also be another solid way of describing the duo’s debut.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out We are to Answer‘s “Everybody” exclusively below:

Check Out:

We are to Answer Tracklist:
01. From The Sky
02. I Came Running
03. Classic (with The Pharcyde)
04. Dark Green Rod (with Ulf Stricker)
05. A Hole To Swallow Us (with Phat Old Mamas)
06. Risin’ High (with Raashan Ahmad)
07. Lost in Marrakesh (with Entropik)
08. All of the Things You Do (with Tippa Irie)
09. Everybody
10. Seventh Planet Skit
11. Oblivion (with Azeem & DJ Zeph)
12. Surfing the Silvatide (with Bajka)
13. Crescent Moon


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