Check Out: Little Boots covers Blur’s “To The End”

To say the life of Victoria Hesketh, aka Little Boots, is hectic right now would probably be a severe understatement. This week she is celebrating the U.K. release of her full-length debut, Hands, while next week she’ll be celebrating the U.S. release of an exclusive EP entitled Illuminations. And she’s doing all this while touring the globe, like seriously touring the globe.

Needless to say, it comes as a bit of surprise to hear/see that Boots still has managed to find time to take on such equally awesome tasks as recording a cover of Blur‘s “To the End” in her bedroom and uploading it onto YouTube for all of us to enjoy. Yet, she’s done just that ladies and gentlemen.

Boots’ rendition of Blur’s 1994 classic is simple and subtle, a far cry from the flourishing original version found on Parklife. Yet this particular version showcases the English native’s excellent vocal range and piano skills – yes, there’s Tenori-on in this song, ultimately enablining Boots to maintain the same honesty and passion on “To The End” that was heard when Blur first debuted the song some 15 years ago.

Take it in, folks. It’s worth the listen.


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