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    As a Danish shoegazing, progressive, experimental rock trio, Mew has managed to muster up some serious fans around the globe. After the release of their slightly pretentious and somewhat laughable album title,

    No more stories
    Are told today
    I’m sorry
    They washed away

    No more stories
    The world is grey
    I’m tired
    Let’s wash away

    …things can end up several different ways. Will it be a brilliant marketing ploy? Possibly. The longest album title in history? I believe so. A scheme that will be covered up with the infinite sands of music news if the album doesn’t deliver? Definitely. Regardless of what happens, the album’s had its share of decent press, which should paper trail it up to its August 19th release date.

    That said, the release of their first single “Introducing Palace Players” shows off a little of what the band has to offer. Once you get over the off-beat out of rhythm intro that lasts a monumental 56 seconds, the song crescendos into some beautiful instrumentation for another minute before Jonas Bjerre hits his trademark high notes. Mew’s sound hasn’t change and neither has their material. With, “In a word, you were told, he’d fix your shaky heart. And what got made was broken too,” they’re still singing about what they do best, love and heartbreak.


    After a few listens, “Introducing Palace Players” stakes its claim as a favorite Mew track and if ever half of the 12 tracks end up this solid, plan on having this ridiculously long titled album stuck in your CD player, iPod, or head for a few weeks.

    Artig lort!

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