Fool’s Gold preps 10-person, eight-track debut LP

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    Meet Fool’s Gold, the Los Angeles collective that has nothing to do with the Stone Roses (if you don’t get it, you don’t get it) but everything to do with what one may describe as “world music.” Originally started as the side-project of vocalist/bassist Luke Top and lead guitarist Lewis Pesacov, the band quickly made waves for its unique blend of western pop and African rhythms and before long would expand to include Garrett Ray, Jimmy Ray, and Matt Popieluch of Foreign Born, ex-We Are Scientest drummer Michael Tapper, Argentinean pop star Erica Garcia, Brazilian/Mexican visual artist Salvador Placencia, Orpheo McCord, Brad Caulkins, Mark Noseworthy, and Amir Kenan. Yes, Fool’s Gold currently consists of 12 members, all of who will apear on the band’s upcoming debut album.

    Due for release on September 29th via IAMSOUND Records, Fool’s Gold’s eight-track self-titled LP is the result of a two-day studio session at the Sunset Lodge recording studio in Los Angeles in 2008, to be later completed in closets and apartment living rooms in 2009. The idea of duality and personal experience are said to be themes on the LP, resulting in songs that apparently can be “understood by anyone who has struggled with dispelling illusions of the ego and the world. Although the melodies are jubilant, the irreverent and whimsical lyrics belie the tension of one exploring the existential and physical self.”

    In other words, what happens when you mix a lot of different musicians with many different backgrounds and experiences together? Multicultural to the max!

    Fool’s Gold Tracklist:
    01. Surprise Hotel
    02. Nadine
    03. Ha Dvash
    04. The World Is All There Is
    05. Poseidon
    06. Yam Lo Moshech
    07. Night Dancing
    08. Momentary Shelter

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