How thoughtful! Oasis & Radiohead scrounge up even more stuff for us to buy!

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    Today, two of the U.K.’s biggest bands, Oasis and Radiohead, announced plans for the release of items most any fan of Oasis and Radiohead already have. So, why should we care?

    Well, in the case of Oasis, Noel and Liam will reissue all their albums on a special vinyl pressing on July 13th. What that means for you is new heavyweight vinyls and new sleeve notes written by NME Editor Hamish MacBain. Or, say for example you want to shell out a few extra dollars/pounds and purchase all eight LPs together as part of thee limited edition collectors box set due out the same day. You’ll get all of the above, as well as new artwork!

    Fan of Radiohead’s In Rainbows? Dying for a digial copy of the album’s bonus disc that was previously only available as part of In Rainbows’ physical release? Don’t have a CD burner? Again, you’re in luck! Beginning today, Radiohead has made In Rainbows’ disc two and a slew of other previously released goods available at its a new digital download area at

    It’s like Christmas, only for a specific, CD Burner-lacking, vinyl-loving super rich fanbase! Remind me where the money tree is again?

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