I want my Spotify!

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    As if western Europe didn’t have enough to brag about already — people who give a shit about food, art, and culture; coming out ahead on the whole toppling Hitler thing; and as of earlier this week, playing host to the entire Obama clan — heretofore that’s the only part of the world where one can freely enjoy Spotify, the streaming-music site that offers music geeks all of their head-banging without any of that annoying buffering… buffering… buffering…

    But a Spotify iPhone app is now on its way for us lunkheaded, good-ol’-U-S-of-A rednecks, too. Yee haw!

    How Spotify works: Download its software and you’ve got yourself free, legal, limitless access to pretty much any chord ever recorded in streaming form, with a relatively little amount of advertising to put up with. The sells come between songs, so it’s kind of life build-your-own-FM-station. No gratis downloading, though; that’s an a la carte, pay-as-you-go deal, a la iTunes.

    Right now non-Europeans need a VIP. invite-only access code to be Spotify ‘puter users. Because Europeans are such fucking snobs, n’est-ce pas?

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