New KISS album will rock!

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Always one for the theatrics (well, duh), Paul Stanley continues to juice in excitement over the upcoming record by the one and only, KISS. The rhythm and vocals of the monster quartet confirms a lot that’s already been said and promised, which means, yes, a new record is coming, and yes, it’ll be 70’s-influenced. That sounds a hell of a lot better than 1998’s confused and troubled, Psycho Circus.

“We’re about four days from finishing the new Kiss album. Eleven tracks, and it is everything I’ve told you,” Stanley says via the band’s official site. “It is classic. It is all written within the band. And it rocks big time!

“Tommy [Thayer, guitar] and Eric (Singer, drums] both handle lead vocals. The songs, sound and playing will knock your socks off. You will all be as proud and excited as we all are. Oh…and WAIT till you see the cover!”

Though, he’s not the only one excited. Bassist and profit whore Gene Simmons (you know, the other only original member) made some remarkable statements earlier this month, too. “This might be the best new record we’ve done since [1976 album] Destroyer,” Simmons said. “In fact, it has a similar sound – Rock And Roll Over-meets-Love Gun kind of a record.”

With so much enthusiasm around, one can only imagine that it’ll be rocking — or, at the very least, on par with Stanley’s 2006 career high water mark, Live to Win. Whatever happens, come September or October, expect your dads and older brothers to start wearing more make up than all your mutha’s and sistah’s combined.

Or, just something like this…

KISS 2009 Tour Dates:
07/10 – Sarina, ON @ Sarina Bayfest
07/11 – Windsor, ON @ Caesars Windsor
07/13 – Montreal, QC @ Bell Centre
07/18 – Halifax, NS @ Halifax Commons Park
10/31 – New Orleans, LA @ Voodoo Music Experience

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