Phish festival set for Halloween weekend at the same place they hold Coachella?

A couple months back rumors popped that Phish would look to cap off this year’s reunion with its very own end-of-summer music festival in Texas. Ultimately, however, they proved to be nothing more than an internet hoax. Fast forward to today, and we find ourselves dealing with a batch of similar rumors, only this time they put the the festival on Halloween weekend in Indio, California, at the same spot that Coachella takes place each and every spring.

Actually, as it stands now, the three-day Halloween festival isn’t actually rumor — Phish has already confirmed the plans on its website. In fact, the only unknown is where the event will be going down, and that’s where the speculation of Indio, California comes in. Yes, according to rumors a floating on the world wide web, the Phish festival will take place at Empire Polo Club, the same place where the Coachella and Stage Coach Music Festivals are held every year.

Since, as Hidden Track explains, Halloween and Phish are as much of a match as PB&J — “Starting on October 31, 1994, Phish concerts on Halloween were three set affairs in which the band would don a ‘musical costume’ in the second set by performing a classic album by another artist. The group played The Beatles’ White Album in 1994, Quadrophenia by The Who in 1995, Remain In Light by the Talking Heads in 1996 and Loaded by the Velvet Underground in 1998” — it’d probably be privy of you to stay tuned…


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