Pinhead Gunpowder issues “greatest hits”

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It’s hard to call any song by Pinhead Gunpowder a hit. Sure, the California supergroup sports the likes of Green Day’s own Billie Joe Armstrong, but by all means, hardly anyone’s heard their tunes. That’s no slight on the band, it’s just a fact. Regardless, the hardcore punk-rock outfit is back in action with a new “Best of” compilation that strings together some of their greater songs over the past 19 years, four records, and two EPs.artist Pinhead Gunpowder issues greatest hits

Titled Kick Over The Traces, the new compilation features 23 tracks that date as far back as 1990, when the group hit the West Coast circuit. To interest even the rarest of die-hard fans, Recess Records will issue four sets of coloured vinyl, limited to only 500 each, with a standard CD release, as well.

This is an exciting year for the supergroup, one that comes as a result of their reunion in February of 2008, when they came together and unveiled three new songs: “Anniversary Song”, “West Side Highway”, and “On The Ave”. And while a new studio album is doubtful at this time (see: Green Day’s long-as-fuck tour), the party favors keep on a’coming, with vinyl reissues set for Gunpowder’s whole discography. Fans should start saving now, as they’ll hit record stores come August or September, and probably cost a pretty penny (as all vinyl do).

For now, anyone can pick up Kick Over The Traces, which hit stores yesterday.

Kick Over The Traces tracklist:
01. West Side Highway
02. Losers Of The Year
03. Reach For The Bottle
04. Find My Place
05. Kathleen
06. Keeping Warm In The Night Time
07. Cabot Gal
08. I Used To
09. Before The Accident
10. Mpls Song
11. At Your Funeral
12. Anniversary Song
13. 2nd St.
14. Life During Wartime
15. Landlords
16. Big Yellow Taxi
17. Future Daydream
18. New Blood
19. Beastly Bit
20. Swan Song
21. Train Station
22. Mahogony
23. On The Ave