Say hello to The Almighty Defenders…

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In the history of supergroups, there are those that create something completely unique (Chickenfoot, Damnocracy) and those that just fill in the blanks (Audioslave, Velvet Revolver). While the lasting power of Chickenfoot has yet to be determined, The Almighty Defenders represent the true definition of “supergroup,” as they pretty much pushed the envelope of time and personal expectations. Super, enough?

It all started overseas. During their exile in Berlin, following the India fiasco last January, the Black Lips found themselves looking for a place to stay, so, as the National Post explains, they called up Montreal’s King Khan, who happens to currently live in the city. The rest of story is like something out of a CW mini-series, with the Black Lips and King Khan roasting marshmallows and jamming into the early morning hours (Okay, so I made some of that up, but just go with it), and before long, they, along with Khan compadre BBQ, formed The Almighty Defenders. In the span of eight days, the outfit laid down the 11 tracks that will make up its self-titled debut, which is due for release on September 22nd via Vice Records.

Of course, none of this was really known until last week, when The Almighty Defenders made their unexpected debut at the North by Northeast conference. And with a performance, comes a video, and with a video comes an early taste of what is to come on September 22nd…

The Almighty Defenders Tracklist:
01. All My Loving
02. The Ghost With the Most
03. Bow Down and Die
04. Cone of Light
05. Jihad Blues
06. 30 Second Air Blast
07. Death Cult Soup n’ Salad
08. I’m Coming Home
09. Over the Horizon
10. She Came Before Me
11. The Great Defender