Squarepusher brings Solo Electric Bass 1 to live CD

Despite the niche market of drum and bass, experimentalist Tom Jenkinson, aka Squarepusher tends to act outside the fold.  In his 2007 live performance he approached the crowd armed with nothing but an electric bass and an amplifier (see below). While by itself this forward idea preaches far beyond the obscurity of Maximum Priest EP or the well-known atmospheres of Go Plastic, Squarepusher intends to take it a step further.

On August 17, Warp Records will dispense a live recording of the aforementioned French performance, appropriately titled Solo Electric Bass 1. Billed as a strictly limited release, the 12 track effort will offer a recording of Jenkinson’s live solo work in true form, that is, without any editing.

In the meantime, everyone else rent Lost In Translation and pretend you were enlightened – perhaps this will all make more sense afterward.

Solo Electric Bass Tracklist:
01. S.E.B. 1
02. S.E.B. 9
03. S.E.B. 10
04. S.E.B. 4
05. S.E.B. 6
06. S.E.B. 2
07. S.E.B. 3
08. S.E.B. 5
09. S.E.B. 7
10. S.E.B. 8
11. S.E.B. 11
12. S.E.B. 12


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