Stars collide on Mark Mulcahy tribute album

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Mark Mulcahy. Second to Paul Westerberg, the New England native wrote some of the best and most ignored music throughout the ’80s and ’90s, all with indie darlings Miracle Legion and the ever popular Polaris. While he’s considered an influence on the likes of Thom Yorke, his name goes unnoticed in even the tightest of the elite music circles. That could change soon.

Come September 29th, some of our favorite musicians today are honoring the disheveled musician of yesterday, and they’re doing it the best way they can: a covers compendium. Titled Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs of Mark Mulcahy, the compilation not only serves as a tribute, but as a benefit for the songwriter. Last year, Mulcahy’s wife passed away, leaving him with two three-year twins, and needless to say, if he’s going to continue writing music, he could use some help.

Those willing to lend a helping hand are The National, Dinosaur Jr., Mercury Rev, Michael Stipe, and rather fittingly, Thom Yorke. Oh, there’s plenty of other names, too. Judging from the tracklist (featured after the jump), the covers dig as far back as his Miracle Legion days and as current as his last full length, solo effort, In Pursuit of Your Happiness. What a nice bunch of guys, huh?

For those still scratching your heads, you might remember a little tune called “Hey Sandy” (via Nickelodeon’s The Adventures of Pete and Pete). Polaris was the show’s house band, who would eventually go on to write some of the best music ever written, which makes the National’s cover of “Ashamed of the Story I Told” that much more interesting. The music was so popular and hard-hitting, in fact, that they eventually released a collection of music in the late ’90s titled, Music from The Adventures of Pete and Pete — a must have for anyone who wants to enjoy/understand life.

Still lost? Please refer to our YouTube Live, our write up on Miracle Legion, and even Mulcahy’s finest hour (at least within his solo stuff) on Fathering.

That’ll do for now, that’ll do.

Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs of Mark Mulcahy Tracklist:
01. Thom Yorke – “All for the Best”
02. The National – “Ashamed of the Story I Told”
03. Michael Stipe – “Everything’s Coming Undone”
04. David Berkeley – “Love’s the Only Thing That Shuts Me Up”
05. Dinosaur Jr. – “The Backyard”
06. Chris Harford and Mr. Ray Neal – “Micon the Icon”
07. Frank Black – “Bill Jocko”
08. Vic Chesnutt – “Little Man”
09. Unbelievable Truth – “Ciao My Shining Star”
10. Butterflies of Love – “I Have Patience”
11. Chris Collingwood of Fountains of Wayne – “Cookie Jar”
12. Frank Turner – “The Quiet One”
13. Rocket From the Tombs – “In Pursuit of Your Happiness”
14. Ben Kweller – “Wake Up Whispering”
15. Josh Rouse – “I Woke Up in the Mayflower”
16. Autumn Defense – “Paradise”
17. Hayden – “Happy Birthday Yesterday”
18. Juliana Hatfield – “We’re Not in Charleston Anymore”
19. Mercury Rev – “Sailors and Animals”
20. Elvis Perkins – “She Watches Over Me”
21. Sean Watkins – “A World Away From This One”