The Clientele looks ahead to the end (maybe?) with Bonfires On The Heath

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Bonfires On The Heath is what London’s The Clientele is calling its newest, and possibly last full-length effort. Due out on October 6th via Merge, the 12-track effort is basically the result of an accidental drug trip which caused frontman Alasdair MacLean to change things up a bit. “It’s more full of ghosts and doubts and signs and wonders than any other Clientele record,” he noted in a recent interview with Pitchfork. “It’s very spooky and tremendously sad at times. It’s about watching yourself disappear.”

Consequently, Bonfires On The Heath hears The Clientele doing everything from returning to the band’s one-of-a-kind roots, you know, the ones described as “the dreamlike suburban landscapes first encountered in the early singles”, while also taking on such tall tasks as covering both other people’s music (see: Evergreen Day’s “Tonight”), as well as its own (see: “Graven Wood”).

Heavy stuff for sure, and something MacLean apparently feels quite proud of. Really proud in fact.  “As pompous as it might sound, I don’t feel like I have anything left to prove– even if all I’ve really proved is that I’m mediocre at writing songs,” he went on to say to Pitchfork.

In other words, pick up Bonfires On The Heath on October 6th. It could be your last opportunity to hear The Clientele as The Clientele before all its members go off to embark on solo projects – you know, because that kind of stuff happens these dayes

Bonfires On The Heath Tracklist:
01. I Wonder Who We Are
02. Bonfires On The Heath
03. Harvest Time
04. Never Anyone But You
05. Jennifer & Julia
06. Sketch
07. Tonight
08. Share The Night
09. I Know I’ll See Your Face
10. Never Saw Them Before
11. Graven Wood
12. Walking In The Park

The Clientele 2009 Tour Dates:
06/25 – Wolverhampton, UK @ Civic Hall
06/28 – Leeds, UK @ Academy
06/30 – Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso
07/01 – Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso
07/19 – Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
07/22-26 – Carrboro, NC @ XX Merge