The Cribs are ready to Ignore The Ignorant

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Yes, kids, there is finally a band brave enough to tackle the issue of the British National Party winning a seat in the recent European Parliament elections in Yorkshire, England! Finally!

On September 7th, The Cribs, now with Johnny Marr on guitar!, will release Ignore The Ignorant, a 12-track effort said to be inspired by the recent election in the band’s hometown. “There were a bunch of titles we could have gone with including ‘Ignore The Ignorant’,” frontman Ryan Jarman told NME. “Then in Yorkshire the BNP got a seat and we were like, ‘Fuck.’ It’s harsh to accept that it can happen in your town.”

Now that we have that covered, let’s move on to another important issue, the actual content of said album. Talking about his band’s forthcoming material with Pitchfork earlier this month, Cribs’ frontman Gary Jarman had the following to say: “We obviously didn’t want it to just sound like previous stuff because there’s no point in making records if you’re gonna do that– not to say I have ambitions to do a noise record or whatever.”

As a result, as Jarman went on to note, expect an array of sounds, including baritone guitars, Mellotrons, and whatever instruments result in really soft and long stuff. “There’s a lot more softer stuff on this record, too. There’s one called “Save Your Secrets”, which is really delicate. And one that might be called “The City of Bugs”– it’s almost seven minutes long,” the frontman explains.

Are these news sounds the result of the inclusion of Marr? “He didn’t really want to change us; he was concerned that it wouldn’t sound like us and we were concerned that it wasn’t going to be evident that Johnny played on the record,” Jarman notes. “But I think we found a balance.”

So, to summarize, expect a  Johnny Marr-featuring, balanced, politically charged, stylistically varied album? I’m game.

Ignore The Ignorant Tracklist:
01. We Were Aborted
02. Cheat On Me
03. We Share The Same Skies
04. The City Of Bugs
05. Hari Kari
06. Last Year’s Snow
07. Emasculate Me
08. Ignore The Ignorant
09. Save Your Secrets
10. Nothing
11. Victim Of Mass Production
12. Stick To Yr Guns

The Cribs 2009 Tour Dates:
09/21 – Dublin, IE @ Academy
09/22 – Belfast, IE @ Mandela Hall
09/24 – Norwich, UK @ UEA
09/25 – Cambridge, UK @ Junction
09/26 – Liverpool, UK @ Academy
09/28 – Hull, UK @ University
09/29 – Glasgow, UK @ Barrowlands
09/30 – Newcastle, UK @ University
10/02 – Manchester, UK @ Apollo
10/03 – Lincoln, UK @ Engine Shed
10/04 – Leeds, UK @ Academy
10/06 – Exeter, UK @ Lemon Grove
10/07 – Southampton, UK @ Guildhall
10/08 – Leamington Spa, UK @ Assembly Room
10/10 – Bristol, UK @ Anson Room
10/15 – London, UK @ The Forum