The Twilight Sad wants you to Forget The Night Ahead

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    At first glance, it would appear the title of The Twilight Sad‘s forthcoming sophomore studio album, Forget The Night Ahead, conveys some positive vibes, such as enjoying the present or not worrying about what the future holds. What’s more, night usually means, well, dark, and forgetting about the night ahead sounds like forgetting about the darkness ahead.

    Well, it turns out this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the 11-track followup to 2007’s Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters is said to feature the Sad’s most darker lyrics to date. “One thing that I can promise is that the lyrics are very dark, but you might have to look into them a bit to realise,” explained fronmtman James Graham in a posting on The Skinny. “They are mainly based around things that have happened to me over the past two years, revolving mainly around losing people and being none too proud or happy with myself about my antics and situations I’ve found myself in.”

    Musically, Forget The Night Ahead‘s is described as “no less tumultuous.” “To me, it’s definitely rougher around the edges than the first on,” Graham goes on to note of the effort, which was produced by guitarist Andy MacFarlane with the assistance of the Delgados’ Paul Savage. “It’s not a flat, technically polished album. It’s very rough but melodic at the same time. We didn’t want to make an album that sounded too produced.”


    Forget The Night Ahead hits stores on September 22nd. In support of the release, The Twilight Sad will embark on a North American tour this fall. So far, two dates, in the form of festival appearances, are currently confirmed.

    Forget The Night Ahead Tracklist:
    01. Reflection Of The Television
    02. I Became A Prostitute
    03. Seven Years of Letters
    04. Made To Disappear
    05. Scissors
    06. The Room
    07. That Birthday Present
    08. Floorboards Under The Bed
    09. Interrupted
    10. The Neighbours Can’t Breathe
    11. At The Burnside

    The Twilight Sad 2009 Tour Dates:
    07/04 – Kent, UK @ Hop Farm Festival
    09/13 – Morrison, CO @ Monolith Festival
    09/17 – Portland, OR @ Musicfest NW

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