Was Michael Jackson working on a new album?

Yes, according to friend and fellow musician Akon in a recent interview with Billboard.com. “He was working on a new album, and at the same time doing his re-release [of Thriller],” the rapper noted when asked about rumors of his collaborations with Michael Jackson. “We were working on a lot of ideas.  A lot of the songs that were done were all ideas; they weren’t really complete songs.  He was the kind of person that wanted to lay all the ideas down [first].”

However, due to the aforementioned re-release of Thriller, Jackson’s 50-date extravaganza at the O2 Arena and Akon’s own personal endeavors, the duo had not worked on what would be the followup to 2001’s Invincible since last year. As a result, as Akon went to note, the material laid down is not much more than “ideas” — meaning don’t expect anything in the form of a brand new full-length…

…of course, there’s always a possibility of that 100 song “secret catalog” being released.


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