Watch: Faith No More reunites at Download Festival 2009

The headline should say everything, right? This past weekend, at Download Festival ’09, Faith No More reunited. Yes, the same band that launched Mike Patton, one of the most versatile singers on the planet. No, this wasn’t some random concert appearance by one of his numerous side projects, either. Much to our disbelief, the same band responsible for both “Epic” and “Midlife Crisis” is back. And they’ve still “got it.”

Faith No More returned in full form, playing a roughly 40-song set to 70,000 fans at Donington Park, England. The main stage held some acts earlier that day large enough for some (we won’t count Limp Bizkit), but the alternative relics topped the bill with classic tracks like “Caffeine”, “From Out of Nowhere”, and even a poignant rendition of “Reunited (And It Feels So Good)”.

For those who couldn’t afford the ticket to England, and the fee for entry, Download Festival streamed the whole set via YouTube.  Watch the opening here, or go to the link and see the entire playlist while it’s still posted. Trust me, this band has never looked or sounded better.


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