Watch: Franz Ferdiand revamp “No You Girls”

After witnessing the onslaught of drugs, latenight escapes, and alcoholism in “Ulysses” at the beginning of the year, Franz Ferdinand decided on a simplistic, laugh riot for their next video from Tonight: Franz Ferdinand. And that’s exactly what the Scottish foursome produced for the album’s second single “No You Girls”. However, with its recent influx in airplay, Franz Ferdinand decided to re-vamp the tune entirely and viola, out came “No You Girls (Version 2)”; a lo-tech, muffled version of the original tune.

From Viking helmets to maracas, “No You Girls (Version 2)” features Franz Ferdinand partaking in a number of comical and completely pointless acts while mucking about in the loo and near the closet. All of the festivities are captured in a murky-pink shade and the main shot continuously switches from on screen to a tiny laptop; which for no apparent reason is inside a cardboard box. However, when they aren’t caught playing tennis with their guitars, we’re able to catch glimpses of the band performing everyday tasks, such as reading a book, drinking a few beers and catching a bite to eat. We can only hope their lives are this much fun!

All in all, the video is a light-hearted take on the intoxicating, mind-numbing, face-grabbing single, “No You Girls”. Now, with two sensational music videos under their belt, once again we’re left itching for more Franz Ferdinand because really now, the possibilities are endless.

“No You Girls (Version 2)”


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