Watch: Neil Young & Paul McCartney – “A Day In The Life”

How does one cap off an acclaimed headlining performance at the world’s biggest music festival? Well, for Neil Young, you hit London, to perform at Hard Rock Calling, and have none other than Paul McCartney make a surprise appearance during a cover of The Beatles’ “A Day In The Life”.

As you’ll see below, McCartney appropriately emerges during the middle section of the song – though it takes a few seconds for the crowd to comprehend the scene that is before them. However, once reality sets in, the reaction is as one would expect for such an event, with cheers eventually subsiding for a collective sing-a-long that proves to be so loud that it manages to overwhelm even the fury of of Young’s guitar, which in itself is a marvelous sight considering by song’s end, every string appears to be snapped. Ironically, the duet ends on a rather simple note, but we’ll let you see that one for yourself…

Contrary to popular belief, this is not the first time Neil Young and Paul McCartney have shared the stage together. Back in 2004, the duo performed “Only Love Can Break Heart” during Young’s annual Bridge School Benefit.


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