Beck now covering his own albums…

Oh, that Beck Hansen… he is just so innovative!

In addition to covering the Velvet Underground, pretending to be a DJ, and interviewing Tom Waits, the acclaimed singer/songwriter is now using the new to cover himself. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on Videotheque, a brand new section that will be used to feature Beck rerecording his own albums.

On the premier edition of Videotheque, Beck has decided to go acoustic for a special occasion. “Modern Guilt was released one year ago this week!,” he notes. “For the occasion we are putting up acoustic versions of the entire album recorded earlier this year after returning from the Japan.” Fittingly, track #1, “Orphans”, is the first rendition to be posted…

According to Beck, the rest of the Modern Guilt: Acoustic will be posted soon. Limited four-track EPs from the session will also soon available.


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