Check Out: Golden Bloom – “The Fight at the End of the Tunnel” (CoS Premiere)

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    On August 18th, Golden Bloom will finally release its debut LP, Fan the Flames, which in addition to exemplifying the Shawn Fogel-led outfit’s massive music talents, will also bring with it a bit of innovation. You see, ahead of the album’s release, Golden Bloom has been unveiling each of its nine tracks, one by one, via the most important media outlet today — the blogosphere!

    “Indie music media, both print and online, serve as the life blood for any artist who wants to be heard,” Fogel notes. “Not only do they provide me with a constant stream of new music, but so many of them have been supportive in embracing my music. I wanted to ‘give back’ somehow. Not only do bands need these magazine and blogs to help get their music heard, but the magazines and blogs also need bands who are consistently offering fresh and creative music.”

    Today, the Boston outfit is giving us an opportunity to offer something fresh and creative, this in the form of the fifth track off Fan the Flames, “The Fight at the End of the Tunnel”.

    The song is one of the more subdued numbers off the 10-track effort but is no less powerful and captivating. There’s that dreamy, stairway mysticism that recalls even the likes of The Doors (think “The Crystal Ship”), only it’s more bluesy, soulful and typically lo-fi. And is that a Wurlitzer in there, or a B3? Whatever keys they’re using, it’s very ’60s, it’s downright quaint, and it’s simply charming. With little effort, this one snuggles like a warm, electric blanket, and we kinda don’t wanna leave it.


    Too much? You’ll get the idea…

    Check Out:
    “The Fight at the End of the Tunnel”

    Fan the Flames Tracklist:
    01. EHM
    02. Doomsday Devices
    03. Fan the Flames
    04. She Leaves Me Poetry
    05. The Fight at the End of the Tunnel
    06. Dead Petals
    07. If You Believe
    08. The Mountainside Says
    09. Theme for an Adventure at Sea

    Album Tracks Already Available:
    01. EHM (via Magnet Magazine)
    02. Doomsday Devices (Ruby Isle Remix) (via Under the Radar)
    03. Fan the Flames (via Tuneraker)
    04. She Leaves Me Poetry (via Bag of Songs)
    05. The Fight at the End of the Tunnel (SCROLL ABOVE!)

    Album Tracks Coming Up Next:
    06. Dead Petals (7/24 via Ryan’s Smashing Life)
    07. If You Believe (7/31 via Spin)
    08. The Mountainside Says (8/7 via Popwreckoning)
    09. Theme For an Adventure at Sea (8/14 via Fensepost)


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