DJ Food cooks up new EP

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    Strictly Kev raided his cupboard of influences for the first DJ Food solo release since, Quadraplex, eight years ago. His new EP, titled One Man’s Weird Is Another Man’s World, pays homage to his relentless crate digging and endless list of friends. You’ll find samples from The Dragons on “All Covered in Darkness (Parts 1 & 2), that he uncovered digging through the Ninja Tune archives. Kev also leaned on his friendship with UK producer Natural Self to help provide the roughed up vocal stylings on the EP’s first track “The Illectrick Hoax”.

    One Mans Weird Is Another Mans World is part one in a three part EP series leading up to the LP tentatively titled Stolen Moments, due out in Spring 2010. Between now and then, DJ Food will also be revamping to provide a comprehensive, one stop shop, for anything DJ Food related. Album art, a diary/blog and discography are amongst a few of the things you’ll find updated.

    In the meantime, pick up the new EP on NinjaTune Records. Yes, it’s available right this very second.

    Check Out:
    “The Illectrick Hoax” (feat. Natural Self)

    One Mans Weird Is Another Mans World Tracklist:
    01. The Illectrick Hoax ft. Natural Self
    02. Extract From Stolen Moments
    03. All Covered in Darness (Parts 1 & 2)
    04. A Trick Of The Ear
    05. Colours Beyond Colours
    06. Tricky Little Ears (The Cheech Wizard Pays Respect To All Living Creatures Who Inhabit Dark Places)


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