Listen: Holiday Shores

After Watching D.C.’s elite stock their summer home pantries and refrigerators all weekend, my senses have been salivating at the thought of my own escape. However, right now it’s raining and I don’t think that’s sand between my toes. This is where my escapist self takes over with an audio fix.

Honestly, Tallahassee natives Holiday Shores could have been from Fargo and I would have reacted the same way, but having the Florida sun as inspiration seemed to work perfectly for the situation at hand. Guitars with a distant soaking twang and simple reverberations turning up the literary vocals make up the very summer appropriate sounds of the Florida panhandle’s native sons. Named for lead singer Nathan Pemberton’s home neighborhood, the five piece has been together before as Continental Divide and is set to release a debut H.S. record Columbus’d The Whim on Twosyllable Records later in August.

The guys pull together a unique blend of retroactive surf rock that spans from the harmonious “Reruns” to the psychedelic keys and bass driven “Dens”. A highlight from the new record comes from the five minute “Errand of Tongue” with its infectious melodies and danceable spirit that cools you off with its lazy attitude. There is really nothing to do with this band other than sit back and relax. Even if you are in Fargo, you can use this record to pretend you’re on the coast.

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