Members Only: The Jack White Edition

For a guy who isn’t the biggest fan of the digital world, Jack White sure has a hard time showing it — then again, the following is way cooler than any hack MySpace. Third Man Records, the personal imprint of Mr. White, recently began offering a two-tier subscription service that provides, pending purchase of course, some pretty nifty access to Jack White and Jack White related exploits.

For $7.00 a month, members will receive access to what is referred to as The Vault. Included is stuff like first dibs on pre-sale concert tickets, exclusive streaming video content and video broadcasts from artists (like what we saw a few weeks ago), chat rooms!, photos, and… pay per view live concerts of Dead Weather, Raconteurs, White Stripes, and more (maybe even Jack by himself?)

For 13.00 more a month, aka platinum membership, members will receive all of the above, along with an exclusive subscription service only releases, which includes one Third Man 12″ LP, one 7″ record, and one t-shirt every quarter (three months). Basically, it’s like your very own Members Only Jacket… just in the form of some exclusive vinyls and t-shirt!

“We wanted to devise a system that would incorporate the best of what the internet has to offer fans, along with a way to get exclusive recordings directly into the hands of people who can’t make it to shows or the third man store to get all of the limited items we produce,” White explains in an open letter posted on the label’s website.

“This place is for that fan, he goes on to note. “The community we are building here will be like no other you’ve been a part of in regards to music. We hope to have a place where positivity and beauty in music and art can be shared together as a community. A place that has content that you can only see if you truly want to explore the deepest depths of the third man records vault.”

Everything else you need to know — all of which is brutally honest and compelling to read even if you have no interest in the program — can be found on

Time to go check to see if my money tree is finally growing…


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