Old Canes hobble over to Saddle Creek

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    Still wiping those tears away from recent Bright Eyes news? Well, here’s something to ease the pain. It seems that Oberst’s indie label, Saddle Creek Records acquired some new talent to help fill that crumbling place in your heart. This week, the label announced that indie/folk group Old Canes signed with them, and that they’ll put out the band’s sophomore release, Feral Harmonic. See, you’re feeling better already.

    Even though the Kansas-based group is labeled as folk music, their upcoming followup to 2004’s Early Morning Hymns draws influences from both the indie and punk rock scenes. It goes deep, however, diving head first into the subject of overcoming fear and the ability of the human spirit to overcome great challenges. Sounds fitting for a Bright Eyes-less audience, right?

    Mostly created in the basement studio of lead singer and guitarist Chris Crisci (of The Appleseed Cast), the recording method is similar to how the band’s debut came to be. While Crisci contributed most of the instrumentation himself, he also had the help of various friends who just so happen to be pretty cool musicians, too. Where do these friends circles develop? Over time, apparently, and Crisci makes the most of his. After all, the album took three years to complete, mostly because the guy’s always busy with either touring or other projects. Ah, the life of an indie-rocker.


    Given the track record of the label (The Faint, Rilo Kiley, Bright Eyes to name a few), it’d be wise to start paying close attention to the group and pick up their new release when it hits stores on October 20th.

    Feral Harmonic Tracklist:
    01. Intro
    02. Little Bird Courage
    03. The Last Collapse
    04. Trust
    05. Next Flood
    06. Sweet
    07. Under
    08. I Will Be The Sun
    09. Stuck
    10. Flower Faces
    11. Black Hill Chapel
    12. Southern Radio

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