Street Scene adds Beastie Boys; ATP New York adds… everyone else

In the latest moves for festival supremacy, Street Scene, the San Diego based festival set for August 28th and 29th, did something quite unexpected — they added the biggest name to its 2009 bill at the very end. Today, we learned for just $120 (the current price of a two-day pass), one can watch M.I.A., The Dead Weather, Band of Horses, Modest Mouse, Silversun Pickups, Thievery Corporation and nearly 40 other acts, along with the newly added Beastie Boys. Not bad, eh?

Of course, when you consider what’s going down 3,000 miles east a few weeks later, and yes, everything else pales in comparison. And that was before today’s additions. Just because they can, the folks at ATP New York added another slew of high-profile, unbelievably awesome acts to its ’09 bill today, including Sufjan Stevens, in what will be his first U.S. performance in two years, Shellac, Crystal Castles, Super Furry Animals, Boris, Grouper, Circulatory System, The Low Lows, and something called “Oneida presents the Ocropolis” –- where Brooklyn’s Oneida will transport the impetus, spirit and community of their multidisciplinary studio/performance space, The Ocropolis, to ATP for a full day of improvisation, collaboration, and recording, combined with the astounding Mighty Robot Visuals light crew. See the full totally not fair lineup here; buy tickets via See Tickets.


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