Ten Years of ATP officially pwns

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to use the word “pwns” in a news story, but there is just no other way to describe the lineup for the forthcoming Ten Years of ATP music festival. In case you’re not a regular viewer of our Festival Outlook, Ten Years of ATP is basically the celebration the folks at All Tomorrow’s Parties are putting on for their 10th anniversary — they also releasing a film. Anyhow, among those currently scheduled to take part in the bash are the Melvins, J Mascis And The Fog, Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks, The Drones, Tortoise, Mudhoney, Explosions in the Sky, Battles, Fuck Buttons and the three newest additions, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Modest Mouse and The Breeders. Yeah, told you it pwns.

Tickets and all the other necessary details can be found at atpfestival.com.


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