The new Arctic Monkeys single is here!

Thee first official taste of Humbug is here, and while it is far from pudh, ’tis certainly quite different — and now I end failed attempt to incorporating Old English words

“Crying Lightning”, the first single off the Arctic Monkeys’ forthcoming album, certainly adds credence to the belief that this will be the English outfit’s darkest material to date. You got the monotonous vocals of frontman Alex Turner, guitar parts that emulate the sound of spooky ghosts and lyrics about an uninviting girl whose “past times consisted of the strange/and twisted and deranged” and a “little game you had called, Cry-ing.”

Humbug, indeed.

The single is currently available for digital download via iTunes. Physical copies will be released on August 17th. Humbug hits record stores everywhere on August 25th.


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