Update: Thom Yorke debuts new song at Latitude Festival

Update: A full video of the performance has surfaced. Scroll down…

Earlier today, Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke took to Southwold, England’s Latitude Festival for his first solo performance since the release of The Eraser in 2006. Needless to say, it was already a special occasion before the English musician totally upped the ante by debuting a brand new song.

Yes, among the 12 songs played during his Sunday set was a previously unheard selection. “This is a new song, so you know — go for a piss,” Yorke is quoted as saying prior to performing the simple, acoustically driven number.

According to At Ease, the song is titled “The Present Tense”. Check out a bootleg snippet of it below (via melophobe)… a high-quality YouTube clip below:

No word on whether “The Present Tense” is a Yorke song or a Radiohead song, but either way, this marks the second new selection the frontman has debuted in the last week. On Wednesday, Yorke’s cover of Miracle Legion’s “All for the Best” surfaced on Stereogum.


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