Watch: Lily Allen – “22”

Lily Allen has held strong for her It’s Not Me, It’s You single choices, deciding on “22” for the fourth release. The preceding songs (“The Fear”, “Not Fair” & “Fuck You”) all share the same bubble pop exterior coupled with caustic, witty lyrics. Allen has a superb ability to charm, whilst at the same time bad mouthing everyone under the sun.

Allen said of her newly unveiled video: ”It’s more about girls that haven’t figured out what they want to do with themselves. Especially really pretty girls… And then suddenly it hits them that they’re not doing anything with their lives and it’s too late. And, yes, it’s about a specific person.”.

“22” is an interesting analysis of the supposed expiration date society stamps on women. The video is a subtle, clever interpretation of the issue, a ragged Allen barging her way into the bathroom, only to be confronted with a more sleek, glossy version of herself in the mirror. She then engages in a dance, before finally the tables are turned, and the glossy version of Lily see’s what the future holds, and leaves the room in disgust.


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