Woah, late night drama! Jarvis Cocker hits Fallon

Prior to Jarvis Cocker‘s performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, The Roots/Fallon house band member Questlove tweeted the following message: “hmmm. fighting the urge to get jarvis cocker for that MJ incident some years back. dude looks THROWED.”

The Michael Jackson incident in reference would be when the former Pulp frontman attempted to protest the King of Pop’s 1996 performance at the BRIT Awards by making his way on stage. “My actions were a form of protest at the way Michael Jackson sees himself as some kind of Christ-like figure with the power of healing, Cocker was quoted as saying. “I just ran on the stage… I didn’t make any contact with anyone as far as I recall.” Click here to watch the video.

No word on whether Questlove fought Cocker last night or why he is so damn bitter. It’s also hard to tell if Cocker was “throwed,” or wasted during his performance on Fallon, but as the video below exemplifies, whatever he’s doing, here’s hoping he keeps it up.

Yay for compelling t.v.!

Hat tip to Brooklyn Vegan


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