Bat For Lashes offers up remix contest

Bat For Lashes is serving up its new single “Sleep Alone” in a remix contest with a chance to win a signed vinyl copy of Two Suns. The rules are rather simple. Use the GoMix application found on the bands MySpace page, and submit your remix by September 7th. After you accomplish that, your remix will need to find it’s way into the Top 10 of most played mixes. At that point, lead singer Natasha Khan will listen to the finalists and select her favorite as the winner.

The GoMix software is a bare bones music sequencer that has a shallow learning curve. After a few minutes of trial and error, any burgeoning producer should be able to compile quality recreations. Head here where you can find a full list of rules and take a peek at the GoMix application.

In an interview with Spinner, Khan offers “I’d like to hear something wild and wonderful. Something much different than the original… Just follow your own creative impulses.”

We’ll try.


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