Could it be… another new Radiohead song, “These Are My Twisted Words”?

While the rest of the world may be preemptively mourning the loss of Radiohead, given last weeks rather depressing news, the guys that make up the legendary outfit are very much alive and at work… at least that’s what a suspicious mp3 leak would imply. After last week’s “Harry Patch (In Memory Of)”, an out of nowhere surprise to all, a shocking bit of news told fans and the rest of the music world that Radiohead would not be putting out a new LP anytime soon, and possibly never again. Well, that may be the case, but a potentially new, previously unheard song titled “These Are My Twisted Words” has surfaced from somewhere amidst the depths of the interwebs, and it shows signs of life for the Fab 5.

A rather strange post to the unofficial Radiohead fan site At Ease, simply titled “New song leaked, These Are My Twisted Words,” started all the commotion earlier today. While the post gave no link or explanation it did lead to a search which eventually resulted in the aforementioned “These Are My Twisted Words”.

As the Line Out reports, a “nfo” file accompanies the mp3 on P2P sites and features a “Yorke-ish screed tucked into it”…

i just wanted to reassure readers
that following representations
seeking confirmation
that before your very eyes
behind the wall of ice
that the box is not under threat
however they are set to remove
other boxes
in fact i have the list in front of me
i went to a briefing on their plans
and challenged them to tell me
exactly what the cost would be

they spoke in broad terms

Emails to Radiohead’s representatives have yet to be returned.

As for the track, like most Radiohead songs, it’s got a lot of layers. No alarms and no surprises there. Things begin with some droning volume swells, before “Arpeggi” style arpeggios enter in with Phil’s click clacking drums. For a while it feels like it could just be an instrumental, and the not-so polished background screeches and squeals give it a bit of a rough edge, but eventually Thom’s smooth pipes find a place. “These are the twisted words,” Thom enters alongside Colin’s thumping bass. It’s not all that crazy or mindblowing, but hey, it’s a new Radiohead track so we’re not complaining on this end. It may not touching any new areas like “Harry Patch” may have, but it’s every bit a good Radiohead tune as it should be, fit with atmospheres and what have you. Let’s hope there’s more where that came from. If things keep going this way, people may even forget that albums were ever even a thing in this world of ours. I could sleep well knowing free downloads of new tracks from one of the world’s most fascinating bands exist in this world. We’ll be here waiting for the next one, chaps!

Update: mp3 back up! (via Stereogum)

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