Drop It Like It’s Hot: Christina Aguilera, Grooms, Cotton Jones

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    The following artists will be dropping new releases in the coming months…

    Christina Aguilera:

    Christina Aguilera is reportedly gearing up for the release of her fourth full-length, rumored to be titled Light & Darkness. And while few specifics are actually available, we now know (via that whenever the the followup to 2006’s Back to Basics hits record shelves, it will probably/most likely/hopefully feature the vocal talents of M.I.A., Santigold, and Ladytron. That’s because Aguilera apparently tapped these music heavy-hitters to help achieve the “eclectic vibe that she’s striving for on the album.” Whether the indie infusion worked will be determined come late 2009 (or early 2010) when Light & Darkness sees, well, light. Then again, this could all be conjecture.


    Grooms are a group of three friends out of Brooklyn who play a structurally mutilated brand of noise-pop featuring blissful interplay, sonic experimentation, and song destruction. These facts apparently caught the attention of Brooklyn based label Death By Audio, which has announced plans to release Grooms debut LP, a 10-track effort titled Rejoicer, on October 13th. For a musically pleasing preview, hit Stereogum for a stream of the album’s lead track.

    Cotton Jones:

    To coincide with the band’s upcoming fall tour, Cotton Jones, aka the recording alias for Michael Nau and Whitney McGraw, will release a brand new EP on September 8th. Entitled Rio Ranger, the five-track collection of “sweeping AM Radio style singalongs” will be released asa a limited edition, 1000-copy, hand-made Art-Book. Rio Ranger is the third in a set of three such books dating back to the first ever Cotton Jones material, released in 2007 under the band’s original moniker The Cotton Jones Basket Ride. The EP and all other Cotton Jones related merch can be had at Quite Scientific Records.


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