LAKE forgoes album, proclaims Let’s Build A Roof

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The boys and girls of LAKE are kind of growing up. Worry not. They’re still the sort of young, energetic pseudo-hippies that play bombastic and psychedelic pop music, but the sound on Let’s Build A Roof, out October 6th, is hoping to expand their idealistic tendencies.

The new material was forged by the experiences of traveling on the road and the corresponding life lessons that tend to come along for the ride, as well. Working off those themes, the band promises a sound that is both jingly, transcendental, and childlike, only streamlined like never before.

The first track that’s emerged from the album (“Madagascar”) plays like a transmission from the Wayback Machine; it’s slow, faux-smooth beat chugs along like an awkward R&B tune from the late ’60s. And if harmonies and tracks in the theme of “…the collapsing home, or of fear itself” are not enough, the band puts their spin on a medieval folk song called “Sing 99 and 90”.

Stay tuned to the group’s MySpace for tour dates (with producer Karl Blau) for October and November.


Let’s Build A Roof Tracklist:
01. Breathing
02. Gravel
03. Madagascar
04. Sing 99 and 90
05. Acorn
06. The Roof Caves In
07. Loose Wind
08. Winking Sign
09. Remote Control Cars
10. Don’t Give Up
11. Christmas Island
12. Collapsing Home