New Andrew W.K. album? Time to party hard?

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    Even with his recent hobnobbing on late night, corruption of the youth of America, and new found job as a weatherman, Andrew W.K. has found the time to make a new album. Just not a lot of time and just not any ordinary album.

    It took the rock pugilist a mere two hours and absolutely no pre-recording to come up with his latest release, an eight-track piano driven effort entitled Cadillac 55.

    Nothing you read above is inaccurate, folks. Recorded at Baby Dee’s house and due for release on September 8th via personal imprint Skyscraper Music Maker, the followup to 2008’s The Japan Covers will consist of a whole lot of freeform solo piano compositions.

    In case you were wondering, and I’m sure you were, the piano is nothing new for Mr. W.K. The musician has been playing since he was four years old and he calls the instrument the “root of [his] whole musical experience”.


    As for the actual construction of Cadillac 55, W.K. said the following to NME:

    “It felt to me like I was hanging by a thread the whole time, or I was about to fall off a cliff…

    A lot of times I was just trying to keep playing and keep this momentum going. I would play for as long as I could or as long as it seemed right and, most of the time, when I stopped that was that song.”

    The moral of the story? The piano can party hard too!

    As always, you can hit up the MySpace for an early preview. Find the tracklist below.

    Cadillac 55 Tracklist:
    01. Begin The Engine
    02. Seeing The Car
    03. Night Driver
    04. Central Park Cruiser
    05. 5
    06. City Time
    07. Car Nightmare
    08. Cadillac

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