Next November Nirvana release? Bleach gets re-issued!

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Nirvana fans look forward to November each year, ever since ’02, when “the band” put out the self-titled greatest hits compilation that featured then-new song, “You Know You’re Right”. Well, tradition continues, and come November 3rd, Sub Pop will re-issue the band’s seminal 1989 debut, Bleach, all in celebration of the album’s 20th anniversary. Yes, it’s been 20 years, already.

Remastered by original producer Jack Endino, Bleach finds itself with the typically unnecessary reworkings, though fans will want to pony up the money, as the “deluxe edition” includes a rare, never-before-released live bootleg from Portland in 1990. So, for those that have always wanted some older, older live material, without all the grease and grit, then this grungy goodie bag is for you. What’s more, there’s some booklet with unseen photos, too. Though, haven’t we “seen” enough (e.g. last year’s Cobain Unseen, for example)?

Call me when that Live at Reading DVD hits streets.

Bleach: Deluxe Edition tracklist:
01. Blew
02. Floyd the Barber
03. About a Girl
04. School
05. Love Buzz
06. Paper Cuts
07. Negative Creep
08. Scoff
09. Swap Meet
10. Mr. Moustache
11. Sifting
12. Big Cheese
13. Downer

Live at Pine Street Theatre:
01. Intro
02. School
03. Floyd the Barber
04. Dive
05. Love Buzz
06. Spank Thru
07. Molly’s Lips
08. Sappy
09. Scoff
10. About a Girl
11. Been a Son
12. Blew