Nick Cave preps new novel, The Death of Benny Munro

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    Nick Cave is covering all his bases. In addition to being frontman of the Bad Seeds, the Birthday Party, and Grinderman and the creator of nearly every soundtrack known to man, the Australian badass is now the proud author of two novels.

    On September 1st, some 20 years after the release of his debut novel, And the Ass Saw the Angel, Cave will release The Death of Bunny Munro via Faber & Faber. Billed as a furious, funny, and disturbing account of a traveling salesman’s last days on earth, the book looks to be just what one would expect from this rock and roll demon.

    Per the issued press release:

    Set adrift by his wife’s suicide and struggling to keep some sort of grasp on reality, Bunny Munro drives off in his yellow Fiat Punto, Bunny Jr. in tow. To his son, waiting patiently in the car while he peddles beauty wares and quickies to lonely housewives in the south of England, Bunny is a hero, larger than life. But Bunny himself seems to have only a dim awareness of his son’s existence, viewing his needs as a distraction from the relentless pursuit of sex, alcohol, and drugs. When his bizarre road trip shades into a final reckoning, Bunny realizes that the revenants of his world—decrepit fathers, vengeful ghosts, jealous husbands, and horned psycho-killers—lurk in the shadows, waiting to exact their toll. At turns dark and humane—and with all the mystery and enigma fans will recognize as Cave’s singular vision — The Death of Bunny Munro questions the nature of sin and redemption, and lays bare the imprints that fathers leave on their sons.


    A real heart warmer, no?

    Extracts from the book, as well as audio and video excerpts can be found at

    So far, Cave’s only planned publicity appearance in support of the release will be on September 14th at the Barnes and Noble Union Square in New York City. But with The Death of Bunny Munro being released in 31 countries, King Ink may be bringing his yellow Punto to your neighborhood soon.

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