Nick Oliveri to release solo album, Death Acoustic

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    Throughout Nick Oliveri’s career, he has been found in several of the generation’s coolest rock bands, from Kyuss to Queens of the Stone Age to The Dwarves to his current band Mondo Generator (he’s even got a sporadic group with Dean Ween and Butthole Surfer Jeff Pinkus called Moistboyz). For the second album under his own name, however, don’t expect any of his superstar friends: it’s a solo record, and it’s all acoustic.

    Although he was usually seen in front of a huge rig of bass amps, Oliveri took time over the years to play intimate concerts to showcase his songwriting abilities. This skill will be on full display on Death Acoustic, which combines songs he’s written for different projects such as “Gonna Leave You,” which originally appeared on Queens of the Stone Age’s 2002 breakout album Songs for the Deaf. No word if the album title is a play on that of Metallica’s most recent album.

    Impedance and MVD Audio are going to be distributing the album in October, with a supporting world tour planned for the final months of this year, with dates spilling into next year.

    Death Acoustic Track Listing
    01. Start a Fight
    02. Like the Sky
    03. Dairy Queen
    04. Gonna Leave You
    05. Love Has Passed Me By
    06. U Blow
    07. Hybrid Moments
    08. Unless I Can Kill
    09. Follow Me
    10. Outlaw Scumfuc


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