Police shut down HARD Summer ’09

It wasn’t a perfect weekend in festival land, as organizers behind this year’s HARD Summer saw their event canceled before it really even started. According to the Los Angeles Times, “the event was was declared a ‘hazard’ by the Los Angeles County Fire Department,” prompting uniformed police in riot gear to enter the festival shortly before the evening’s headliner Underworld was due on stage.

Only a handful of bands reportedly got to to play before the event was scrapped, including Crystal Castles. There were no reports of serious violence, however, booing and bottles greeted the officers, as you’ll see in the video below.

In a note posted on the festival’s official website, HARD detailed the reasoning behind the cancellation:

We were required to shut down Hard Summer at The Forum last night by the Los Angeles County Fire Department. They declared the event a “hazard” after seeing concertgoers jumping from the balcony to the floor, along with numerous other potentially dangerous activities. The Inglewood Police Department backed the decision of the Fire Department and assisted in the clearance of the venue.

While we, the promoters, worked with the authorities to consider other options to continue the concert, ultimately they made the decision based on the safety of the concertgoers.

Some 18,000 people were said to have attended HARD Summer ’09 at the Forum in Los Angeles. The event will not be rescheduled, but refunds will be offered. That said, HARD does have a number of other events to look forward to in the months ahead.


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