Rufus Wainwright finally releases something new, except it’s old

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    Why Rufus Wainwright always makes his cult wait so long between releases, who knows. But thankfully, his next throw-’em-a-bone manuever is on its way.

    On September 22nd, Decca Records will release a live CD and a DVD, both entitled Milwaukee At Last!!!, recorded on August 27, 2007 at Milwaukee’s Pabst Theater during Wainwright’s tour in support of his last studio album, Release the Stars.

    The CD will contain 10 tracks, most of them songs from that last album of his, while the DVD will feature 23 songs in all. If that’s still not enough for ya, a deluxe edition packages both CD and DVD together and throws in five extra tracks, plus backstage footage shot by Gimme Shelter documentarian Albert Maysles.

    On his website, Wainwright encapsulated fans’ anticipation thusly:

    “Well folks, the fateful time has almost arrived when the great state of Wisconsin will all of a sudden physically crack open and spew out pairs of high heeled shoes, striped suits, brooches, lederhosen (this has occurred before), horn sections and of course fluffy white bathrobes. [The cover art features Wainwright bedecked in a fluffy white bathrobe, a chunk of bling on one finger, and… is he cleaning out one ear with a Q-Tip?] Sorta like a massive exploding Faberge Kinder Egg. And of course since most of us live on the coasts or near Eurasia, we will have to be content with merch in the form of either a CD or DVD. ”


    Another way to content thyself is by catching Wainwright on tour…

    Rufus Wainwright 2009 Tour Dates:
    10/01 – Portland, ME @ Merrill Auditorium at City Hall
    10/02 – Portsmouth, NH @ The Music Hall
    10/03 – Bridgeport, CT @ The Klein Memorial Auditorium
    11/04 – Austin, TX @ Paramount Theatre
    11/07 – Scottsdale, AZ @ Virginia G. Piper Theater at Scottsdale Performing Arts Center
    11/08 – Seattle, WA @ Benaroya Hall
    12/09 – London, England @ Royal Albert Hall

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